East Coast Tacos VS West Coast

The best tacos are in New York. I feel like these could be fighting words. I have to admit I was just as surprised as you when I found out about this little restaurant Cielito Lindo. We found this gem and it is located no more than 5 minutes away from the grandeur of a mall that is the Palisades. With over 4.7 star ratings from google and with a stellar recommendation from a fellow culinarian we had to check it out. We drove over 35 minutes to our friend home where we then carpooled an additional half hour to eat tacos. We had no intent to go to the mall after but we ended up checking it out. I could recommend hanging out at the mall and then leaving and grabbing these delicious tacos down the street. This is our day eating tacos at Ciesto Lieto. 

Choices for days! 

There are many options and preferences when it comes to tacos and it seems like this cozy restaurant has options for just about everything. From chorizo to bistec, lingua, and my favorite Al Pastor. If we are driving over an hour away for tacos you can believe we are going to order as much as we can. Between my wife and I we ordered 12 tacos and between our group I would say we spent about $300 total. Not because the tacos  are expensive but because we each ordered 6 tacos per person plus drinks and an excessive amount of delicious churros and the creamiest, richest flan I ever had. (Pro-tip: Get both the flan and churro and eat them together). 

Where is this joint?

To get to Ciesto Lieto we literally drove through neighborhoods. We drove past forests, up and over hills. I was so confused on how my friend found this restaurant in the first place. Story has it they wanted tacos after watching spider-man at the AMC at the Palisades mall. Well the discovery of this restaurant gave me another reason to like Spider man: No way home. 

What to order…

I will start off by saying please make room for dessert. The flan is a must have as well as the churros. You know better than me what kind of tacos you like but as a group we loved the bistek and the Al Pastor tacos. The flavor was moist and flavorful. The tacos were made in blue corn tortillas which reminds me of the Tortillas we got at Cosme. The pricing at Ciesto Lito is extremely fair and you can order anything and everything you want without breaking the bank. Which is more than I can say if you were going to eat at one of the corporate restaurants inside the Palisades mall after a day of shopping or other festivities. My call to you readers is to try something new and support these local restaurants. These chains will always be there and during this hard time for small business owners I just ask that you help out where you can. Not just by eating at these restaurants, but by contacting congress pushing them to refill the RRF. You can see what else we can do together at www.saverestaurants.com

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