commanders palace is one of those restaurants that when you say the name people or become intrigued and they are familiar with the accolades and the great chefs that is stemmed from this restaurant. I’ve never thought that I would be at a point where I get to travel and eat it or any of these great restaurants that I see on TV or that I hear about. Tell me that I was fortunate enough to know somebody that was the assistant manager at the restaurant and gave us a tour of the entire restaurant including the kitchen and the expansion and talk about the history of the family. we even got to take a tour into the wine cellar and the experience was like no other. We were being told stories of the many celebrities and presidents that came in down at the restaurant and I got to see many of the awards hanging in the dining room.

Check out this video of our time eating at Commander’s Palace and hanging out with fellow CIA Alum who happened to be the assistant manager when we dined there.

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