There is really no logical explanation for the title of this article. Lets just say that we had a good time dining at Cosme. Our dear friend was a like cook at Cosme. Mega is here name. I haven’t kept tabs on her lately but last I heard she was back in Indonesia. How ever… what I remember most about this dining experience was the seamless and effortless meal it was. Sometimes we can just eat at a restaurant and it’s just simply good.

Creativity vs Authenticity

Is there one that is better than the other? I think what we need to realize is that what is authentic to a certain person may be completely off for another person’s experience. I’ve heard many hispanic people talking down on this restaurant and down on the things that Enrique Olvera and Danielle set out to accomplish with their foods. This is common as when people tend to create works of art inspired from what’s authentic to them and their life experiences they CREATE something new! Something new that is probably delicious or possibly an epic fail! But what’s to remember is that dish was created from a journey from the creator. We all might not understand it but if we try I think we can appreciate it a little bit more. The food served to us at Cosme was creative, simple and delicious. I would hardly say anything is authentic for reasons being that I didn’t grow up eating this kind of food! I don’t know what authenticity is.

Celebrating my wife’s birthday at Cosme in NYC

The Menu

The menu will change seasonally. Only thing i can suggest is get the corn pavlova and order as much as you can. Also… Get the tortillas.

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