The right way and the wrong way.

I will say the only wrong way to cut a bell pepper is using a dull knife. The skin on a bell pepper can be rather tough, so I want to share with you the ways I cut through a bell pepper. For consistent content across I’ll be explaining how to cut it into a julienne (thin matchsticks).

selective focus photography of red bell pepper
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What recipes can I use bell peppers in?

Bell peppers are one of the most used vegetables. This is not a statistic by any means, this is just something based off of my imagination and thoughts as an individual who spends hours searching for new exciting recipes on the internet. From my research I understand why people like to use bell peppers so much.

Bell peppers have a pretty neutral flavor. That’s a lie… Each colored bell pepper has a different flavor. the great thing I like about bell peppers is they can be eaten raw, cooked, pickled or even stuffed! I really like those baby bells. They make great snacks or additions to cruditè platters.

Every single way to cut a bell pepper.

Check out this video!

There are a lot of ways to do one kitchen task. Is there a better best way to do one thing? Possibly. In this video I showed you multiple ways to fabricate a bell pepper. While this may not seem like an important task to learn. It’s knowing the different possibilities you have that allow you to be a better cook in your kitchen. If you are working in a restaurant chances are the best way to do any task is the way the chef tells you to.

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