Why are there so many ways to do one task? The answer is truly simple. People have a different level of skills than others and one thing that may seem easy to an individual may not be as easy for another person. This is the same for many things, not just garlic. Yes, I am not going to ramble on about the differences in all things but just cut right to the point and say do what is best for you. Or if you are working in a restaurant do it how your chef directs you to do it. It’s good to be versed in the many way ways to do one task. This way you can actually discover what is the best way for you to something.

Do you have to peel Garlic?

Short answer. No. The skin is papery and it can be eaten and is used in some recipes. Especially if frying the garlic, you can pulse up the whole thing before frying it carefully. Will this be as pleasant? Well.. depends what you enjoy.

Buying peeled garlic

Is there something wrong with buying pre-peeled garlic? Again, I’m going to say no. Peeled garlic doesn’t last as long as unpeeled garlic and the argument goes the the aroma (flavor) is being released if the garlic is peeled. Another argument can be but the aroma is sealed inside a jar or bag!? Truth be told. I do often buy peeled garlic. We use so much garlic in our recipes it’s a real time savor. What I would stay away from is the pre-minced garlic in oil. For many reasons, one being.. I don’t know. It just doesn’t taste like garlic?

What is garlic?

Garlic is considered a vegetable. It is an allium. Categorized with the onions and such. Is there anything wrong with eating too much garlic? Well you could be safe from the vampires of the world. Eating to much garlic can actually cause bad breath, (surprise) acid reflux, digestive issues, and an increased risk of bleeding. This last one is throwing me for a loop. But according to google that’s what showed up.

How to cook with garlic.

Put that thing in hot pan and saute it! So easy right? There are actually many ways to prepare this botanical treat from the earth. I’ll break down a couple techniques. If you want to see these with more depth I would be happy to make a video of it for you! Just name a few ways you can prepare garlic out of the ordinary. You can confit, sautè, fry, stir fry, boil, use raw, roast, ferment, cure. I think that’s about it?

5 ways to peel garlic. Chef Joshua Walbolt on Youtube

Ways to Peel Garlic.

The School Method.

Believe it or not. This is how some classes were taught to peel garlic. The idea in a competition setting no one wants to see someone peeling the skin of garlic using their crusty ole fingernails. I’m truly sorry for painting that image in your head. This method im sure we can all agree is not the most efficient but with a knife in your hand moving with grace, you got to admire the finesse. Or maybe not. Maybe its just a waste of time and you don’t mind the sticky garlic finger nails.

The Crush

Probably the most common of ways. Punch that garlic right in the face to break down its structure so it releases itself from the papery skin. Simply pull the skin away and process however you desire.

The Tik Tok

This way is not for everyone. It’s not for me. For that reason, I’m out.

Hot Water

Hot water does have its faults. But it works like a bloody miracle. The main issues being knowing what temperature is hot water? I can comfortably say 105-115F. We only want to steep the garlic for about 10 minutes before processing the skins from flesh. Boil to long and your garlic will change flavor or turn to mush boiled garlic which is pretty sad.

Double Bowl

I was shocked to find this one actually work. All you need are two bowls that are about the same size. I would recommend using a stainless steel bowl and staying away from anything glass or porcelain. This just in, I heard an awesome recommendation from a peer. I do find this method rather loud but he said that if I use a mason jar it will work just as well!

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