CHEESESTEAKS are the greatest Sandwich ever.

We all love a great cheesesteak and we all heard of the great debate between Patrick’s Gino’s in Philadelphia. The question is which one will reign to supreme and which one is the original greatest cheesesteak in Philadelphia. Long story short I made the drive multiple times and tried multiple cheesesteaks from each spot with it all the Fixin’s and even plain. Although it is a great sandwich and you can’t really go wrong with a good cheesesteak. However, I will say that I was not blown away by either of the sandwiches.

Tourist Trap

I have heard many people call this debate a tourist trap and it’s just luring in out of towners like me to come and try this overhyped cheesesteak competition between these two restaurants. It works! I definitely have made the trip multiple times to see if my mind changes and it hasn’t. You can see the full video and my review in this video down below.

My Cheesesteak

I do have to pay respects to such a great classic sandwich from Philadelphia. So I make it in a way that I enjoy. Cheesesteak sandwich is delicious in the components of just delicious bread in the sliced beef and onions and your choice of pickles or even cheese whiz or ketchup. If you want to try my recipe definitely try mine out down below!

The actual best Cheesesteak sandwich

I love hanging around people that know how to eat. They typically know where to go to get the best food and they heard rumors about where to go to try the next upcoming dishes or even about the next greatest chefs to make it on the scene. We ended up in one of the greatest food market in America; the Reading Terminal Market. This is where you will find the best sandwiches in the sandwich capital of the WORLD!

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