Sometimes when you’re on the road you have no choice but to eat in the car. Even if that means parking in a no parking zone for 15-20 minutes or you go and pick up your food or explore the town for a little bit and view the other restaurants in the area. Dallas is a really cool city to be in and I really think it reminded me a little bit of the streets of Minneapolis especially on eat Street.


It’s hard to form an opinion or something you don’t really have any experience enjoying formerly in your life. I’ve had barbecue before but never light anything I experienced here in Dallas. You may be familiar that every different part of the US has a different style of barbecue and Texas claims to be thinking of barbecue. We went in and order as much as I could at the most recommended spot from all of my friends in Texas and even fellow culinarians across the US. We happen to be driving to Dallas and ended up stopping at the pecan Lodge.

Pecan Lodge

When I go either places it’s very easy to tell that I am from out of town. Not only am I carry a camera around and taking pictures like a tourist. I just always look amazing and stunning by what I see and I don’t know how to order the food or follow the systems that they have in place. The line went out the door and it moved quickly. People knew what they wanted and they went my name and ordered it and within a few minutes to pick it up from the grab and go window. This place was packed, I know that’s a good sign.


When you eat savory and rich foods sometimes it’s nice to have a nice delicious sweet dessert to pair with it. I’m not always a sweet person but when you talk about pies I always have to have one in each hand. Luckily there is a nice little pie spot right next to Pecan Lodge. I actually lost my wife and that’s why I found her right in front of the little pie stand ordering one of each. I highly recommend you do the same. Check out this video to see my reviews and my thoughts on delicious food we ate parked on the side of the road of the restaurant.

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