You should know how to cook Thai food.

Being a certain ethnicity is not a birthright to know how to cook the food from your heritage. That is something that is taught or disregarded through the generations. All that should really matter is, “does it taste good?” There are so many Thai restaurants that have been “westernized” in a sense that the big bold flavors of Thailand are being muted to satisfy the western palate. BUT NOT HERE!

Fish Cheeks in New York City on bond st is providing New York City with a taste of Thailand through shareable seafood plates and delicious cocktails. I will say this often, there are only a few restaurants that I will eat at more than once. This spot is definitely at the top of my Cravings list.

What to order?

Often you can find some specials on the menu that won’t be there long. If you can visit the restaurant frequently I recommend trying one of those specialty items even though EVERYTHING on their menu is special. If you are coming from out of town there is now harm in trying some of their classic menu items like the chicken wings, crab fried rice, or whole steamed fish in cilantro lime broth or my all time favorite the Khua Kling.

Khua Kling King

Southern Thai dry curry. As to this date 6/4/22 I have not yet made this dish yet. I don’t know why but that is going to change! The texture the pork gets fried to is incredible! Words really don’t do justice to how this dish attacks your taste buds but it is a must try but it is not for those faint to the spice lords. I will say that this restaurant is authentic in the sense that they prepare the food they want to prepare it and I am a huge fan of that. I mean Raw shrimp in their special dressings with raw shavings or garlic and thai chillies. That’s not something you see everyday in the states nor is it something I would generally order but it was delicious!

Check out this video above of us eating out in the best Thai restaurant in New York City. It does help that our friend works their but we brought in another friend from out of town to help us not break the bank to much. All in all Fish cheeks has created quite a reputation for itself and we have seen countless amazing collaborations with their team and other celebrity chefs. Thai food has become a familiar cuisine in the western palates and I am happy to see it, I just really hope that more people get to come out and try something as true and delicious as the food served at Fish Cheeks.

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