Top Chef

If you are a chef who competed on top chef, chances are you can hold it down in the kitchen.

Executive Chef

Marjorie meek-Bradley, a California native who made her appearance on top chef. While Meek-Bradley has an impressive resume the food and the experience met every expectation. 

You can read more about her here:

As we pulled up to Union Market neighborhood my wife and I said the same thing as we walked by st. Anselm, “I heard they have the best biscuits!” Our first day at the Union Market we actually didn’t eat at St. Anselm. We knew it would be a little higher of a ticket price restaurant and we were already thinning out our budget. 

After eating at the shops I’m the Union Market we felt the need for inspiration. When you’re a chef it’s always inspiring to dine at other peoples restaurants. It opens a new line of vision for us creative people to see the inspirations of others in our field. We had a good time. I won’t go on rating restaurants because I do believe that we all have our own palates. I will say the food was a tad salty for my taste but I was still able to thoroughly enjoy and devour the meal. The service was impeccable, even though I tried paying with a library card. I was exhausted, and I’m not sure how we got through eating at this place with a 16 month old baby, but we managed! 

Our son fell in love with the biscuits. Between the 3 of us my wife ate 1, I had one and over span of two days my son ate two. I had them stored in a cooled in our hotel room and watched my son open the cooler top, scrummage through the inside open the container with the biscuit PUT THE LID BACK ON THE COOLER and walk away eating a biscuit… It was truly impressive.

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