Putting people out of business for business

I’m always curious of the agenda of these neighborhoods. Just by walking down the streets in DC and looking around it’s easy to tell that this neighborhood was being done up. Elevated in a sense of what? It seems like every city we go to has a community that comes in and guts it out from the roots and forces people to move. The buildings of Union Market in DC is surrounded by dozens of wholesale companies that seem to be out of business. The doors and garages are locked and covered in graffiti while these vibrant new food halls explode with a young poppin crowd. Gentrification is something we see happening a lot. The price of rent goes up forcing the people who can’t live their to relocate. The same thing is true for businesses. If a business owner can’t afford to move their business they might be forced to leave. I saw this being the case at the Union Market in DC. You can tell when you walk through the streets that there is a transition happening. As I walked the streets I was approached by a homeless man selling half dead roses on Mother’s Day. $10 per rose i’ll add. I bought them… but I only had $2 cash. I tried to return the rose he refused to take it back.

I found a video on youtube talking about the business owners being forced to leave because of the raise in rent and the new incoming business. I was looking for the video and could not find it again.


Food Halls are the future

I can predict that the rise of food halls in communities is going to happen. It’s an attractive sale to businesses and people looking to grab some food. All these different delicious food vendors in one roof. Hopefully with this it cuts the business owners a deal on the rent. I would love to be part of food hall. Although I did have mix feelings about the Union Market in DC. The food overall was tasty but nothing really blew me away. The prices were fair for they offered and the atmosphere itself was very welcoming. The thing I like about these food halls and market is they are like giant food courts. We can walk around and find what we want. It’s not like a specific themed restaurant where if you go with a friend you might not be in the mood for that one specific cuisine. These food halls give you and your dining mates the option to go try a bunch of different spots that specialize in their cuisine. What do you like about food halls? Leave a comment below.

What to eat?

We tried a dozen spot in Union Market in DC. The donuts were great, Thai food, Dosa’s were so good! I will say the Thai food hit the spot for me and right outside the market was St. Anselm. They were so good! I do think personally the chef had a little heavy hand with the salt. I love salt… But everything was just a bit to much… Idk maybe that’s how the locals like to eat it?

St. Anselm in DC

District Doughnuts:

DOUGHNUTS! These doughnuts were so delicious. The texture was just right and the glazes weren’t too sweet. They were flavorful overall and they came with a show. (The Creme Brulèe)

Thai Street Food:

It was refreshing to see a Thai food that served some of the popular Thai dishes. I’m usually hard to please when it comes to Thai food but this place hit the spot. They did run out of what I originally wanted though, so im guessing get their early for the Laab.

DC Dosa:

Dosa is super satisfying to be watch made. Here at DC dosa they make it right in front of you! They have different flavors and filling as well as different chutneys for dipping.

Immigrant food:

This was one of the places my wife picked to eat at. I didn’t get a good look at the menu but you can check that out here in the link. I do remember I ate 2 delicious sandwiches from them along with some fries!

Lucky Buns:

This was probably one of my favorite spots in the market. The menu was familiar but packed SO much flavor. I think you should definitely check out this spot.

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