Smorgasburg has to be one of the most widely known outdoor food markets in the U.S. With multiple locations on the east and west coast it’s the hip spot to go out and mingle with the hottest vendors. From our experience we found that the markets usually take place on the weekend. There is a Smorgasbar on Sundays which focuses on drinks and then there is smorgasburg where you can get a little bit of both. Thank goodness you don’t need an ID to enter. Entrance is free as of 2021. We will see if the pandemic causes a change in how the market operates these upcoming years. 

On the East coast we visited 3 of the 4 locations. The locations include Jersey City, World Trade Center, Williamsburg and in Brooklyn. Brooklyn, Prospect park was probably my favorite one. As all the markets seem to have a routine of being held on some type of blocked off road or parking lot (which a lot of markets are held) Brooklyn was extremely special. It was also the only market I didn’t film because it rained. We parked for free on the street a few blocks away and walked. We passed many local restaurants and our favorite cookie joint Chip City. As we arrived we saw lines of people lined up for K-Dogs and Tacos. We were late and many vendors sold out. Luckily, we still got to try the ones we came for. 

The food overall was amazing and the experience is definitely worth a trip. Seeing vendors of all different nationalities putting their food and culture out into the world at a unified market is truly beautiful. I love supporting these shops because as a vendor myself I know how much work goes into setting up just to be able to serve your creations to guests!

I don’t want to tell you all the food we ate. Instead you can watch our experiences at each market in these videos here. The vendors may change at the time you read this so what I will do is write each vendor we had and link there instagram and we can keep in tune together and see who will be popping up. 

Jersey City Smorgasburg
WTC Smorgasburg

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